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We woke up this morning with the happy realization that the first annual National Jelly Roll Day had finally arrived.  A banner day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone here at RCQ and all our guests. 

Now that the daylight has vanished from the Illinois prairie we can, with Moda Fabrics United Notions'  permission, release  the much anticipated #projectjellyroll patterns here for you as free downloads

A BIG thank you to Brigette Heiland of Zen Chic and Moda for providing  these NSAJRD patterns.

To start you off - here is a little gift from RockingChairQuilts.com : A Jelly Roll Tip Card and pre-cut yardage chart for you to download and keep as a handy reference.  If you are nearby and can come into the shop we will give you one when you buy a Jelly Roll (while supplies last)

jelly roll GIVEAWAY • congratulations to our 20 winners

Maxine Euto

Debbie Chenoweth

Sandra Dzurny

Jennifer Kralik

Tessa Hutchinson

Justine Wills

Lisa Soderland Fitzgerald

Allison Church Bird

Lynette Kleinau

Janie McCombs


Kay Opilka

Paula Fortino

Rene' Gorbold

Cheryl Paarlberg

Kathy Chynoweth

Connie Overlay

Sandie Swartz

James Adams

Kathryn Frederick

Penny Stromberg


  1.  Make strip sets for 9-patch blocks
  2.  Make strip sets for 4-patch blocks
  3.  Cut strips 4 1/2" long. Use with 2 1/2" squares (Moda Candy squares work great) to create scrappy Flying Geese blocks.
  4.  Sew strips together for a scrappy back.
  5.  Make "framed" 9-patch blocks (1 Jelly Roll strip is enough to frame a 6" finished 9-patch.
  6. Make a "coins" quilt using left over Jelly Roll pieces.
  7. Make Log Cabin blocks.
  8. Make piano key borders for a scrappy quilt.
  9. Make kitchen accessories: pot holders, place mats, mug rugs, or coasters.
  10. Make scrappy binding by cutting Jelly Roll strips into fourths and then sewing together as many pieces as needed for the length desired.
  11. ___________________________ Fill in # 11 with your own amazing JELLY ROLL TIP .  Please enter your tip by commenting below:

HERE ARE YOUR FREE PATTERNS courtesy of zen chic and moda fabrics - HOO-RAY! 

Post pictures of any Jelly Roll projects you are working on (or even the ones that you finish ) on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter. Use the #projectjellyroll to share your fun with everyone who enjoys a  Moda Jelly Roll.


Love a Jelly Roll? If you are hungry for more Jelly Roll goodness be sure and visit ModaBakeShop.com  

Lots of jelly roll patterns there, all free for you to enjoy.

We enjoyed some yummy Jelly Roll themed snacks here at the quilt shop today.  If you got too busy to stop by ( or just live somewhere else in the world ) we thought it would be nice to share the recipes here. 


Thank you Kathy for bringning us cookies!

#projectjellyroll 2017 SNAPSHOT GALLERY


Thanks so much for your participation in the the big JR day, and thank you for reading my blog . Until we blog again, please take some time out to Enjoy the Sew!®



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