Quilt Market Eve

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I am pretty excited to be making my first trip to Houston International Quilt Market.   I hope my brain has room for all the ideas that it will be exposed to.  I know my inspiration levels will be stoked up high.  My intention is to blog about my Quilt Market visit.  Maybe as a first time attendee I'll share something that'll help out future first timers.  I say that because I feel a bit clueless about what to expect, i didn't make time to research it and think I may have more fun in a 'fly by the seat of my pants' mode.....now where did I put my broom?  


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I have always loved Moda fabrics. Their booth is on the top of my 'must visit' list


I'm attending some business seminars, school house  and something called Sample Spree.  Two reasons I chose to attend Sample Spree - one being anything with the word Spree in the title has to be given close attention, but also I had read stories on a quilt forum some while ago that it Sample Spree was a must do at Quilt Market. It's apparently equivalent to a Filene's basement stampede except there'll be no bridal gowns, but instead quilts, fabrics and related products. 

Beleaguered carry-on about to explode

Beleaguered carry-on about to explode

I have waited (uncharacteristically )  until the last minute to pack and have instantly discovered that my carry on is not up to the task of accommodating my instinctive over-packing.

So off to beg or borrow a larger bag.   I spied a nice Anne Klein rolling duffle bag at Carson's today but decided against it .  I may need that $80 at Sample Spree. Don't you think?