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Photo courtesy of Case for Smiles Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Case for Smiles Facebook page

Why do we sew and quilt?  There are probably a lot of good answers to that question.

 My first response would certainly be " I LOVE IT!"

 I really do; all parts of the process- the planning, the choosing, the buying, the cutting, the stitching,  it seems I never get tired of it.  The excitement and joy never wane. As I get older I have realized that one of the most satisfying things about making something with your hands happens when you give what you made to someone else.


Here is a caring organization of volunteers who can help us find that joy and satisfaction by  donating our time and talents to their worthy cause: 

We were honored last week when Paula Moore paid a visit to our little quilt shop.  Paula is the regional manager for Ryan's Case for Smiles.  She came in to ask if our shop could be an official drop off spot for the organization.  It only took a minute to agree.  Working together we can all help seriously ill kids feel better so they can heal better.

Who/What is  a Case for Smiles?

Ryan’s Case for Smiles (formerly ConKerr Cancer) was founded in 2007 to bring comfort and support to young patients and their families in hospitals around the globe. We started with a simple goal: to create and distribute whimsical pillowcases that give children an emotional boost and remind them that they are not defined by their illness. Today, our programs have expanded to include the children’s entire families so they can better navigate and cope with a very difficult experience and avoid long term emotional trauma.



It's easy to help:



Ryan's Case for Smiles can’t get enough bright, cheery pillowcases. It is easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Click below for simple and fun instructions for creating your own whimsical pillowcase:

How To Sew A Pillowcase Directions


What kind of fabric can I use to sew pillowcases?

  • Fabric needs to be 100% cotton. Please do not use fabric with glitter.
  • Remember to use fun, colorful novelty prints!
  • Check with local coordinator for local hospitals specific requirements. For example: some hospitals do not allow flannel and red pillowcases tend to bleed. Some hospitals also do not accept holiday themed pillowcases.
  • Ryan's Case for Smiles does not accept ‘No-sew pillowcases’. See PDF Guide for full list of guidelines.

How do I wash the pillowcases?

  • Most chapters suggest the use of an unscented detergent in cold water with no fabric softener***
  • Tampa area hospitals require the pillowcases to be washed in vinegar and water
  • Dry the case – no scented dryer sheets
  • After you're done sewing, Iron pillowcase and place in a Ziploc plastic bag
  • Bring to your local Ryan's Case for Smiles drop off location

***It is important to wash the fabric before sewing pillowcases and please do not use scented detergent or dryer sheets.***

Rocking Chair Quilts is now an official drop off center for your pillowcases.

See the map at the bottom of this blog post to find us. If you are not close by,  CLICK HERE  to find a another drop off center that is closer to where you are.

If there is not an official drop off center near you, I will send you a prepaid a mailing label and instructions to send your pillowcase(s) to us.  Just send me a note to request a label:


All donations are tax-deductible.  RCFS is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization.  When you drop off a donation, include a note stating what you donated and what the value is. Be sure to include your full name and mailing address. Then in January of next year, you will receive a tax letter directly from RFCS home office in Pennsylvania to be used for your tax return.


Have more questions? There is SO much more info for you at Ryan's Case for Smiles website.


Send an email our area coordinator, Paula Moore:


Stop by the quilt shop and pick up printed information that Ryan's Case for Smiles has provided.

Not a sewist?  No worries, Ryan's Case for Smiles has other ways you can contribute:

Donate: fabric, funds or your time.

Spread awareness about their mission



Thank you very much for reading, I hope you will consider joining us in this project  - Carol Detloff

These volunteers took their sewing skills to the great outdoors for this "Campground Sew-A-Thon"

These volunteers took their sewing skills to the great outdoors for this "Campground Sew-A-Thon"

Photo Courtesy of Ryan's Case for Smiles-Central Oregon Chapter

Photo Courtesy of Ryan's Case for Smiles-Central Oregon Chapter


Use the Map to find us . Click on the red map pin for directions. Click and scroll to zoom in and out.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill