Smudgy Cat Gets a Quilt

I recently enjoyed the quilty pleasure of a few days at my favorite quilt retreat in the company of good women and gentlemen quilters.  One project I wanted to play with at retreat was to develop a throw size quilt (this one is about 40" x 60") with the Smudgy Cat fabrics from Benartex.  Click HERE to visit this collection in the shop.

One panel, 8 or 9 fat quarters of the Smudgy Cat prints, and a few hours later --- this quilt is what I happened upon.  I think this fabric is so darn cute, it may not have mattered what shape my design took :)   the resulting quilt would be adorable anyhow!

The fabric worked itself so easily into this design that now I think it's even cuter.

I will write up some instructions and get kits put up on the webstore next week.  If you want a kit even sooner please send me a note HERE and I will try to put on some speed getting the kits available for you.

The panel comes in a tan colorway too, which we could plug into this same design format.......or maybe we'll let this Smudgy Kitty inspire us easily into designing a second adorable panel quilt!

thanks for reading.....Enjoy the Sew!