We offer BOM programs to our customers to provide them with another way to enjoy and receive their quilt making supplies. As in all aspects of our shop we wish to provide the best support and customer service that we possibly can, if you have questions or concerns please CONTACT us and we will do the most that we can to help address them. We want our customers to enjoy their quilt making process and be satisfied with their BOM experience here at RCQ. For everything to run smoothly for ALL of our BOM members we have set forth the following guidelines which must be adhered to.

Enrolling in a BOM program here at RCQ means that you have agreed to the following guidelines.


All BOM members pay a non refundable sign up fee for each BOM program in which they are participating (Some BOM programs may have a larger up front sign-up fee. Sometimes a program has large quantity of fabric in the first month).

Please be sure the credit card or Paypal you purchase with remains valid through the end of your program, or contact us with a new number or account when needed.

If you relocate it is your responsibility to contact us with your new mailing address, we can not guarantee that your shipments will be forwarded to your new address. Refusal of a shipment, or returning the shipment to us will not result in any refund for that shipment.


When you sign up for any BOM program, you have agreed to complete the entire BOM program’s worth of patterns, fabric and/or supplies. All of these things have already been purchased by our shop and are allocated to you. That means we have already incurred the expense.

There are no cancellations. If you decide to cancel or withdraw your payment information before completing your BOM program, you will cause RCQ to enter the arbitration process with your payor to collect the remainder of payments due in your program. Once arbitration is settled and we receive the amount you owe on your program kits the will promptly be shipped to you, as once paid for they are your property.

All members are expected to review their packets each month to be sure they have received everything they should have. Please review your packet BEFORE the next shipment and notify us if needed. If your notification occurs after that, we cannot guarantee an exact replacement will be available. If we become aware of an error that has occurred in everyone's packets, we will mail out corrections or replacements immediately.

Your Pay-pal or credit card will be charged every month on or around the date that your first shipment is sent.

Block packets may be held and shipped on a certain date if you are away from your home OR they can be mailed to an alternate address if you reside in another town for any portion of the year. Just let us know when to change or hold off mailing. Monthly charges will still occur if we hold shipments for you.


Shipping costs vary for different BOM programs.

Shipping fees are subject to change per the USPS.

Visit our Block of the Month page for detailed information and costs of the programs available.