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Welcome to our shop!  I am so glad you stopped in.  I hope you like what you see in the fabric collections that we have and also those that we are expecting to arrive in our shop this year.

Our in stock fabric lines are  organized alphabetically (or close to it) on our fabric index page  Click HERE to visit the index page.   Hurray!

Or use the SEARCH box to help you find what you are looking for.  It can be found on the bottom of any page on the website.  It is most helpful!


Visit the COMING SOON page to see fabrics that are going to arrive here in future weeks and months.

The collections we have ordered for future arrival are normally listed HERE on our coming soon page and are given an arrival date based on when the manufacturer has scheduled for them to be shipped to us.  Sometimes as the weeks roll along the dates are adjusted sooner or later than originally scheduled.

If you would like to be notified with an email when new products are available in the online shop, you can sign up right here.

Sigh... that was easy, huh?

When fabrics arrive we will usually have some kits available in the shop that use the fabrics.  But maybe you want a kit that we didn't think of ?  Please start a conversation with me HERE.  I would be happy to cut a special kit or yardage for your project.  Maybe you need 3/4 yard and don't want to buy fabric in the 1/2 yard increments available in the store?  Let's talk!  I want your business and will accommodate your needs for cut fabric yardage.  Thanks so much, hope to see you again soon!